Development of internationalization is one of the main long-term priorities of MENDELU. Strategic goals of the Internationalization of MENDELU as part of the fulfilment, foreign trips of academic staff with students are supported. The purpose of support is to increase the quality of educational process of bachelor’s and master’s students (acquisition of practical skills that would not be possible to acquire in the Czech Republic), to connect MENDELU students to the foreign scientific community and also to represent the university abroad.


  • Trips of at least 5 bachelor’s or master’s students accompanied by an academic. PhD mobility is not allowed under this programme.
  • The minimal duration of the internship is 30 days (an accompanying academic may be replaced).
  • The monthly scholarship counts CZK 20,000 regardless the destination plus IRO covers travel expences to/from destination.
  • Applications can be submitted with agreement during the year.
  • The accompanying academic is reimbursed for living and travel expenses from IRO resources.

Student mobility is administered in the same way as an lnternship abroad: students must submit Travel Proposal in UIS, pay the insurance and sign the Financial Agreement before departure (2-3 weeks before the departure the latest). 


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