Mendel University in Brno is a member of several international networks, for instance, EUA, ICA, IRO ICA or EAEC, which provide supportive environment to share experiences and cooperate.

European University Association (EUA): is the largest and most comprehensive organisation representing universities in Europe. As the voice of European universities, EUA supports and takes forward the interests of universities and the sector as a whole.

Association for European Life Science Universities (ICA): is a network of more than 60 universities from the EU and neighbouring countries with a focus on the life sciences relating to agriculture, food, forestry, natural resources, rural development and the environment. ICA’s vision is to enhance its members’ success in the international market place.

European Network of International Relations Officers (IRO ICA): main goals are to support and enhance the work of the international relations officers in the member institutions of the network by supporting the development of international cooperation by its member institutions.

The European Association of ERASMUS Coordinators (EAEC): is a membership network. The aim is to enable an information and experience among the European ERASMUS+ Programme Coordinators and beyond.

International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) 

European Forest Institute (EFI) 

European University Association (EUA)

Forest Stewardship Council  (FSC) 

InnovaWood Network 

International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)

International Forestry Students’ Association  (IFSA)


International Federation of Landscape Architects 

European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools