In addition to the Erasmus+ program, mobility can also be carried out through other mobility or scholarship programs.

The Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies is an exchange programme for regional cooperation between universities in Central and South-eastern Europe. It facilitates the mobility of students and academics and helps to interconnect the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area.

  • Eligible participant: full-time academic staff of any HEI involved in the CEEPUS programme
  • Length of the teaching stay: from 5 days upto 1 month
  • Minimum educational activities workload: at least 6 hours within 5 working days
  • Application deadlines:
    • June 15 for winter semester
    • October 31 for summer semester
    • November 30 for freemover mobility (summer semester only usually)
  • Scholarship rates: 
    • 2-4 days:  CZK   3,000
    • 5-10 days:  CZK   9,000
    • 11- 20 days:  CZK 18,000
    • 21 days-1 month:  CZK 27,000

The mobility application can be submitted either within an existing network (if Mendel University in Brno is partnered with your home HEI within one network) or as a CEEPUS freemover.

If you want to carry out your mobility within the existing network, please contact your home HEI CEEPUS coordinator or contact person for further details and following steps.

If you want to carry out your mobility as a CEEPUS freemover and you do not have a relevant contact at Mendel University in Brno, or if you are seeking a new partner for your project, feel free to contact who will do her best to find a suitable match. 

For more information on CEEPUS programme and to apply for the mobility grant, please visit the CEEPUS homepage

The scientific conferences are regularly organized in order to present and disseminate research results. The conference is a meeting place for the scientific community and also for experts from the private and public spheres.

List of conferences organized by FBE MENDELU 

Conference MendelNet 2020 – Faculty of Agronomy MENDELU

Fulbright Specialist Program, Fulbright Specialist Program, which enables you to invite an expert from the USA for a short stay of 2-6 weeks

From January 2021, you can invite Fulbright scholarship holders, who will stay in Europe during the shortened academic year 20/21, as part of Inter-country travel for a one-day hosting. Their overview will be available later on

Of course, you can also invite Fulbright scholarship holders to the lectures, who will be in the Czech Republic next academic year. Due to the postponed start of all programs to January 2021, the current profiles of scholarship holders will be available later on