• BIP (blended intensive programme) combines physical and virtual mobility
  • physical activity takes place over 5-30 days
  • the duration of the virtual component is not specified, it takes place online
  • BIP can take the form of summer schools, field trips, field research, art and creative projects, joint projects or intensive courses with a smaller number of students, etc.
  • BIP takes place in the country of the host HEI and at least 3 HEIs must be involved in the preparation
  • students must obtain a minimum of 3 credits
  • the student must be enrolled in at least the first year of a bachelor’s degree programme
  • the student must be duly enrolled in studies at the faculty through which he/she is taking the mobility for the entire duration of his/her stay
  • the student has been selected in a duly announced selection process
  • the programme is not addressed to students who have come to the Czech Republic to study under the Erasmus Mundus programme or as Erasmus+ exchange students
  • you can go to the countries listed below by applying for a specific published offer from a foreign institution
  • EU Member States – 27 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden)
  • European Economic Area – Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland
  • Candidate countries: Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia
  • students receive a scholarship to partially cover living and travel expenses
  • 1st – 14th day of mobility: 79 euro/day
  • 15th – 30th day of mobility: 56 euro/day
  • the scholarship is paid based on the signature of the Participation Agreement, it is paid in one payment and sent to the student’s EURO account
  • students with disabilities (physical or mental) or special educational needs can apply to the Centre for International Cooperation in Education (“DZS”) for a special grant through the Rectorate IRO
  • various types of hearing, visual or physical disabilities, as well as illnesses requiring special diets (e.g. gluten-free or lactose-free diets) – in this case, the difference between the special diet in the Czech Republic and the country of study stay is additionally reimbursed, the student is obliged to document bills
  • the student states in the application (only in Czech), why he/she is applying for a special grant and shall pass the application to the IRO Coordinator for Erasmus+ study stays
  • the application should be accompanied by:
    • cost calculation
    • medical report
    • a copy of the ZTP (disability card), if applicable
    • signed O(LA)
    • Letter of Acceptance confirming that the foreign university was aware of the student’s medical condition
  • the adequacy of the requested costs shall be assessed by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
  • the application including all attachments must be submitted before signing the Participant´s Agreement
  • upon return from the study stay, an accounting is required (i.e. by submitting the relevant receipts and/or invoices to prove which specific expenses arising from the specific health condition during the study abroad were incurred and covered by the grant; unused funds must be returned)
  • detailed information HERE
  • Application – Financial contribution for students with special needs (only in Czech)
  • one-off contribution of €100 (up to 14 days)
  • the increase must be applied for before the start of the BIP (applications during and after the mobility are not accepted)
  • students who can apply:
    • students from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds
    • students with children
    • students receiving orphan’s pension
    • students with specific dietary needs
  • application (only in Czech) for the increase of the scholarship shall be submitted to the Erasmus+ traineeship coordinator at IRO
  • the request shall be assessed by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
  • detailed information HERE

Selection process

  • the selection process is always opened for a specific BIP offer published on the International Relations Office (IRO) website
  • student applies for the selection process via the online application form published on the website
  • as part of the selection process, the following are considered:
    • motivation letter
    • language exam
    • whether it is the first mobility abroad
    • relevance of the BIP content to the field of study
  • the results of the selection process are sent to the student by email
Motivation lettermax. 10 points
Language exam (oral interview)max. 10 points
First mobility abroadmax. 3 points
Relevance of the BIP content to the field of studymax. 7 points
Maximum per application30 points
  • the application is submitted via the online form published on the IRO website
  • the language exam takes the form of an oral interview
  • the language exam can be taken in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • students will receive all information about the examination process and dates well in advance of the examination

Before mobility

  • confirms the student’s admission to the BIP
  • this confirmation can be an official letter or email
  • the acceptance letter shall contain the name of the student, name of receiving institution and dates of the planned study (exact dates from – to; BIP duration)
  • if the foreign university does not issue its own Letter of Acceptance to the student, the MENDELU form can be used (the student sends it to the coordinator at the receiving institution for confirmation)
  • the dates of stay in (O)LA and the acceptance letter must match!
  • after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the student shall:
    • have the mobility entered into the UIS by the IRO officer of his/her faculty (he/she shall submit the Letter of Acceptance with dates of stay); the icon for bank connection and Checklists shall be displayed in the UIS afterwards
    • enter the number of EURO account into the UIS (via Student´s portal → My study abroad)
    • arrange for the Travel Proposal (UIS – eAgenda – Trips abroad), which shall be needed for the insurance
  • on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance, the student will be issued the GA, and the amount of the scholarship will be calculated
  • Travel Proposal – guidelines for completion
  • the study period may only be organized on the basis of a trilateral Learning Agreement (“LA”), MENDELU primarily uses online version of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
    • some foreign universities may also require a “traditional” paper version
  • the student must obtain at least 3 ECTS
  • LA/OLA must be concluded before the mobility
  • LA/OLA is signed in the following order: student, authorised person at the faculty, coordinator abroad
    • LA must be complete (i.e. confirmed by MENDELU and the foreign institution) before signing the Participant Agreement
  • How to fill OLA
  • serves for submitting documents for the study stay abroad
  • the application can be accessed at the UIS Student Portal (after the student has registered the mobility into the UIS on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance – see above)
  • povinné dokumenty (tj. dokumenty, které musí do aplikace nahrát všichni studenti) jsou tyto:
    • before departure
      • Letter of acceptance (approved by the IRO officer for Erasmus+ study stays in the app)
      • Learning agreement / Online Learning Agreement (faculty approves)
      • proof of payment of “MENDELU” insurance (IRO approves)
      • OLS initial test result (see below; approved by IRO)
    • upon return
      • Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period (IRO approves)
      • Transcript of Records (faculty approves)
      • confirmation of completion of the EU Survey form (IRO approves)
  • documents are automatically marked as unapproved when uploaded to the Checklist until they are checked and approved by the appropriate person
  • all documents in the Checklist must be approved by the relevant person
  • the student can work on the document until it is approved
  • on-line language testing of students before and after the Erasmus+ mobility
  • language support is provided for the main working language, not language of the country
  • working language is specified in the LA
  • allows mobility participants to assess their language skills and, if they wish, to participate in an online language course
  • the language course is available also in other than the working languages, the course is voluntary
  • OLS test is available here:
  • after passing the test, the student will receive a certificate to upload to the Checklist
  • the final OLS test is no longer mandatory
  • the student shall conclude the Participant´s Agreement (PA) with the IRO Coordinator for Erasmus+ study stays no later than 2 weeks before the planned departure
  • the student must make an advance appointment to sign the PA
  • before signing the Participant´s Agreement, the student uploads all required documents to the Checklist
  • PA must be signed by the student in person before departure abroad
  • departure for mobility without a duly signed PA and the required documents is not possible
  • the scholarship shall be paid to the student after he/she signed the PA
  • students who participate in the study period within the Erasmus+ Programme and are citizens of EU/EEA countries involved in the programme are not obliged to apply for a student visa
  • a new regulation has been applied in Turkey since July 2014, under which foreign students do not need a student visa to arrive in the country; they apply for a permit to stay for the period of study at the foreign police upon arrival (info: Turkish Embassy in Prague, tel.: 224311402/403)
  • in case the student is not a citizen of an EU/EEA country, he/she may be obliged to apply for a visa also to other countries than just Turkey; accurate information can be obtained at embassies and consulates

After mobility

  • is the main proof of completion of the study period
  • we recommend getting the Confirmation before departure home
  • the Confirmation must contain the exact dates of stay (the scholarship is awarded according to the dates)
  • the student shall submit the ORIGINAL to the IRO within 14 days of the end of mobility, alternatively, an electronic version of the document sent directly by the foreign university (not forwarded by the student) may be accepted
  • a scan of the Confirmation shall be uploaded by the student to Checklists in the UIS
  • the student may use the MENDELU form
  • shall be uploaded into Checklists no later than within 4 weeks of the end of the mobility
  • if the delays in submission are due to reasons at the receiving university, the student immediately informs the faculty’s IRO and IRO rectorate
  • in addition to handing in the relevant coordinator, ToR must also be uploaded to the Checklist
  • the ToR must correspond to the LA
  • the student may use the MENDELU form
  • the final OLS test is no longer mandatory
  • the student is also obliged to:
    • fill in the Final Report in UIS (Student Portal → My Study Abroad) within 30 calendar days after the end of the mobility – the report mainly serves as a source of information for other students
    • fill in the final report for the EU (EU-Survey) – the student will receive a request to fill it in by e-mail
    • record that all documents have been delivered and are complete
  • if the student does not obtain the required number of credits (minimum 3 ECTS), he/she is obliged to return the full scholarship
  • in case the student breached the Qualification Conditions of the Erasmus+ Programme he/she is obliged to return a proportionate part or the entire amount of the scholarship
  • if the student fails to deliver the required documents by the deadline set by the sending institution, fails to take the compulsory online language test before and after the mobility and/or fails to fill in the final report (EU-Survey), he/she shall return the financial support in full
  • the amount of the refund shall be specified by the IRO coordinator for Erasmus+ study stays


Building X
Office hours: Mon – Thu: 9:00 – 12:00 by previous appointment

Erasmus+ BIP Selection Process FINLAND

Title: Plant Production and Agrotechnology

Where: Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, Finland


  • physical part: 27. – 31. 05. 2024
  • virtual part: 2., 16. and 23. 05. 2024

For Faculty of AgroSciences students only!

More information

01.03. – 18.03.2024Applications Finland HERE
19.03. – 26.03.2024Oral Language Exam Finland
29.03.2024Results of the selection process

Erasmus+ BIP Selection Process POLAND

Title: ReThink Cities & Regions

Where: Opole University of Technology, Poland


  • physical part: 20. – 24. 05. 2024
  • virtual part: min. 2 weeks before the physical part, to be specified

For Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies students only!

More information

14.03. – 26.03.2024Applications Poland HERE
27.03. – 03.04.2024Oral language exam Poland
to be specifiedGroup meeting at FRDIS
12.04.2024Results of the selection process Poland