The Erasmus+ program is focused on higher education, cooperation between higher education institutions, vocational education at the higher education level and cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses. The program is primarily intended for students, teachers and employees of higher education institutions, but also for trainers from companies and other entities.


  • the student must be enrolled in an accredited study program at MENDELU (bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral study program)
  • the student has adequately completed at least the first year of study at the university (full-time, combined and distance learning).
  • the duration of the study stay is at least 2 months/a maximum of 12 months.
  • the student was selected in a duly announced selection procedure
  • the study stay is implemented only on the basis of valid inter-institutional contracts concluded between MENDELU and a foreign institution (ATTENTION! contracts may differ according to individual MENDELU faculties)
  • the student must be enrolled appropriately for studies at the faculty through which the stay is being carried out for the entire duration of the trip
  • the program is not intended for students who came to the Czech Republic to study under the Erasmus Mundus program
  • trips to the student’s country of origin are not possible at MENDELU (only as a zero grant, i.e. without entitlement to a scholarship)
  • the sum of all Erasmus+ study stays and Erasmus+ practical internships in a given level of study must not exceed 12 months (stays completed during LLP Erasmus are also included).
  • repeated study stays are possible, however, due to the limited financial resources reserved for this activity, they are considered mobilities with a lower preference in the selection process
  • EU Member States – 27 countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden)
  • European Economic Area – Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland
  • candidate countries: Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia
  • PLEASE NOTE! Study stay can be realized only on the basis of an inter-institutional agreement
  • the scholarship is used to partially cover the costs (it is only a contribution to the increased costs associated with a stay abroad) – financial participation of the student is assumed
  • the lump sum per month includes both living and travel expenses
  • the scholarship is paid based on the signing of the Participant´s Agreement
  • the scholarship calculation is based on days
  • the scholarship is paid to the student in one installment
  • the student receives the scholarship no later than the 1st day of the start of the stay abroad
  • the specific date of sending the scholarship depends on the date of signing the Participant´s Agreement
  • the scholarship will be transferred to the student’s EURO account entered in UIS
Groupcountry of destination scholarship
Group 1Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Cyprus, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden,600 EUR/month
Group 2Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Turkey480 EUR/month
  • students with disabilities or special educational needs can apply at the Centre for International Cooperation in Education (“DZS”) for a special grant through the Rectorate IRO
  • various types of hearing, visual or physical disabilities are considered disabilities, as well as, for example, an illness requiring a special diet (e.g. gluten-free or lactose-free diet) – in this case, the difference between the special diet in the Czech Republic and the country of study stay is additionally reimbursed, the student is obliged to document bills
  • the student states in the application (only in Czech) why he/she applies for a special grant and shall pass the application to the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays
  • attached shall be the cost calculation, medical report and a copy of the ZTP (disability card), if applicable, and documents related to the Erasmus+ study period (the Letter of Acceptance must contain an assurance of the institution abroad that it has been informed of the student’s condition)
  • the adequacy of the requested costs shall be assessed by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
  • deadline for applications:
    • 15 July – if the mobility starts in the WS
    • 1 December – if the mobility starts in the SS
  • the special grant shall be accounted for upon the return from the study abroad (by submitting the receipts and/or invoices to prove what specific expenses arising from the health condition were incurred during the stay abroad and were settled from the grant; unused funds must be returned)

 Application – Financial contribution for students with special needs (only in Czech)

  • students with a socio-economic disadvantage, participating in the Erasmus+ study period, can apply for increase of the scholarship by EUR 250 per month
  • the student must apply for such increase before the mobility (applications during and after the mobility are not accepted)
  • this applies to students who are entitled to or get the social scholarship at their home university at the time of departure (which means their parents are entitled to a child benefit and the decisive income for the purposes of such benefit does not exceed the product of the life minimum and coefficient 1.5)
  • the written confirmation “Sdělení pro účely přiznání stipendia” (Statement regarding scholarship award) shall be issued by the Labour Office of the Czech Republic
  • in case the student is not a citizen of the Czech Republic and cannot obtain the Statement from the Labour Office of the CR, he/she shall submit another relevant document; the document must include the translation into Czech (does not apply to Slovak documents) and be verified with the apostille
  • application (only in Czech) for the increase of the scholarship shall be filed at the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays
  • the request shall be assessed by the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator

 Application – Financial contribution for students with a socio-economic disadvantage (only in Czech)

How to apply

  • usually twice a year:
    • January (1st round) – with validity for the next academic year (i.e. SP that takes place in January 2024, within the academic year 2023/24, shall be valid for the academic year 2024/25 beginning in September 2024)
    • May (2nd round) – for the SS of the present academic year (shall take place only if sufficient funds are available)
  • the SP includes: filling application and passing language exam
  • the selection of colleges/universities to be entered into the application (maximum of 4 institutions in the maximum of 2 languages of instruction) must be carefully considered
  • we recommend that you thoroughly go through all available sources of information:
  • when choosing an institution we recommend taking into account:
    • language of study (instruction)
    • suitable study subjects:it is advisable to pay attention to the information about whether the cooperation with the institution concerns the whole institution or its particular section; in case a particular section of the institution is mentioned (faculty, department), you would most probably be able to register only (or mainly) the subjects taught at that faculty or department
    • the student must take specialised subjects (i.e. those related to his/her study programme) worth the minimum of 18 ECTS credits per semester
  • it is advisable to consider in which category the subjects studied abroad will be recognized at MENDELU (compulsory, compulsory-optional, optional)
  • the student can get up to 30 points in the SP for the selection of subjects corresponding to his/her study specialisation (see below)
  • place and practical considerationsit is advisable to verify the amount of the scholarship provided toward the stay (find out how expensive the place is from final reports in the UIS or info materials of the university/college concerned)
  • the student may enter 4 different colleges/universities in his/her application in the order of preference, within 2 different languages of instruction
  • each student competes with all the other students who chose the same study language and the same colleges/universities in the SP
  • applicants who:
    • filed only the electronic application shall be excluded from further procedure
    • do not present themselves for the language exam shall be excluded, too
    • the successful applicants shall be assigned one college/university at which they shall study (there are no pre-set minimum points that the student must achieve in order to be placed at a certain college/university; the success depends on the performance of the group of applicants competing for the placement and on the funds available)
  • the participants to the SP applying in two languages of instruction shall be assigned only one college/university upon processing the results
  • in the case of two applicants with the same college/university on a different position in their list of preferences, who have a different number of points, the placement shall be assigned to the applicant who obtained higher number of points, not the applicant who has the institution on the higher position in his/her list of preferences
  • should the applicant fail to obtain a placement in any of the colleges/universities in his/her list of preferred institutions, the student shall be included into the standby list for the study language concerned (or, as the case may be, to the list for both the languages in which he/she failed)
  • substitutes may be addressed with an additional offer of study abroad in the order according to the standby list (sometimes this may happen several months after the termination of the SP)
study results (average)max. 30 points
language knowledge (20 points written test + 10 points interview)max. 30 points
correct selection of study courses in the Learning Agreement in accordance with specialization (preliminary Learning Agreement)max. 30 points
participation in Buddy System and activity in ESN MENDELUmax. 10 points
maximum for an application100 points
  • each applicant can follow the development of his point score (partial results) as well as the final results of the SP in his application profile in UIS
  • the final results of the SP will be published according to the schedule
  • applications are submitted during the period according to the schedule
  • all students are informed about the call for applications by bulk e-mail
  • it is not necessary to wait until the status of studies for a given semester is as complete as possible to submit the application (the final tally of points for the facts documented in the application will take place only after the end of the selection process)
  • fill in an electronic application through the UIS (Student´s portal → My studies – My study abroad – Submit exchange programme application)
  • the application form is submitted online, there is no need to submit a printed version to the faculty!
  • details about filling an electronic application can be found in the UIS documentation (only in Czech; Svazek 2 – Student: kapitola 4 – Zahraniční studium)
  • everything that happens with an already submitted application can be tracked in the UIS
  • annexes to the application:
  • the final (Online) Learning Agreement will only be created by students at the time of admission to the foreign university and after they have been provided with an updated course catalogue by the foreign university
  • application statuses and attributes:
Status/attributeWhat does it mean?Options for a change of status
in processthe student works with the application the application is not considered filled at this stagethe next step is usually closing, i.e. filling the application
closedthe application was filled in the electronic form and now, it has to be filled in the printed form with annexescan be cancelled
in case it was closed too early, you can ask the faculty IRO for a change of status to “in process” until the collection of applications is finished
cancelledthe application shall not be included into the SP but it shall be kept in the system it is not possible to file a new application instead of the cancelled one within the same SPin case it was cancelled by mistake, you can ask the faculty IRO for a change of status to “in process” until the collection of applications is finished
completnessnothe application has not been subject to the final check at the faculty IRO; in particular, the study results have not been updatedas soon as the study average is updated and all annexes are checked, the completeness shall be set to “yes”
yesthe application has gone through the final check at the faculty IRO, the study results and awarded points have been updated the number of points for circumstances in the application is final now; this status is usually reached shortly before the language exam only a completed application shall be further dealt with within the SPpoints the student gets by passing the language exam shall be added to the application
failed to appearindicates the application where the applicant did not attend the test or interview (as part of the language exam) 
such application shall be excluded from further process
  • all students who want to go abroad as part of the Erasmus+ program must pass a language test (language certificates or other tests are not recognized)
  • the language exam can be taken in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian
  • it is at the B2 level
  • each student who wants to go abroad within Erasmus+ Programme needs to pass the language examination (language certificates are not accepted)
  • consists of a written and oral part
  • if the student passed the language exam in the past, he/she might get it recognized: the language exam is recognized up to 3 years back
  • the student has to apply for recognition at the faculty when submitting the printed application 
  • Written test:
    • consists of 40 partial tasks (each task is given 0.5 points) and is divided into several activities using various testing methods (answer selected from a menu, semi-open answer, created answer, the transformation of information, matching, supplementing, completion of text etc.)
    • areas to be tested: vocabulary, grammar, reading with comprehension and language functions, i.e. use of the language for completing a practical task
    • written tests are taken via the UIS – students who successfully applied to the SP shall get all the information by e-mail
    • in order to pass the test, you must give at least 26 correct answers of the total 40, and thus obtain 13 points
    • time assigned: 45 minutes plus 5 minutes for handing out and check
    • discarded materials are published here; their printed form is available for free at DIRI (on racks near the offices)
  • Oral exam:
    • after taking the written test, students sign in the rosters to the oral exam with individual teachers
    • dates and times of examinations must be observed
    • the oral part consists of an interview in duration of 7-10 minutes
    • in order to pass the exam, the student must get at least 6 points out of 10

Before mobility

  • after the announcement of the selection process results, the list of nominated students including their basic data shall be sent to the institutions abroad by the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays, from whom the student shall receive an e-mail confirming the dispatch of nomination
  • the nominations are sent to the institutions abroad according to the timetable
  • after the nomination, the student should receive an e-mail from the institution abroad, confirming receipt of the nomination, which does not necessarily mean admission of the student to study (there are usually additional administrative formalities in line with the instructions of the institution abroad)
  • the nomination of the student is binding; if the student needs to cancel his/her nomination for serious reasons, he/she is obliged to do so immediately via the form Notification of withdrawal of foreign mobility in UIS, which is then automatically sent to OMVI and the faculty
  • admission of a student to study (usually other administrative requirements must be completed according to the instructions of the foreign university), the sending of information is governed by the rules of the given foreign university – some send it immediately, others only after the nominations have been completed
  • at some schools, the Learning Agreement is also part of the application (hereinafter LA) or Online Learning Agreement (hereinafter OLA); however, we recommend sending it straight away even if it is not a mandatory part; the student will thus avoid complications caused by time delays (more information about the document can be found below)
  • it is necessary for the student to:
    • find out the deadline and requirements for submitting an application on the website of a foreign university, usually the student receives these data together with other information from the foreign university
    • fill the application – if the given institution does not have its own application form, the MENDELU form can be used, the application can also be online (sometimes it is in both forms – “paper” and online)
    • indicate the period of stay in the application – it is enough to indicate at least a range of months (i.e. September – January; the stay must last at least 2 months, maximum 12 months)
  • if a foreign institution also requires a so-called Transcript of Records (hereinafter ToR) with the application, this is a list of subjects completed at MENDELU, which the student obtains from his/her study department (the university may also require other documents)
  • the student can find confirmation of the level of language knowledge (level B2) in his storage at UIS after completing the language test – in case of problems, please contact Kamila Hercová (
  • the student sends the application with attachments to the foreign institution according to the instructions of the foreign university
  • as soon as the foreign institution receives the application, the sometimes very demanding administrative process of the student’s admission begins – the foreign institution should contact the student and send him all available information about the study and further discuss with the student organizational matters related to the stay; it is already necessary to pay attention to accommodation, which can take up to several weeks to arrange
  • the nomination for the Erasmus+ study stay is binding
  • if the student is forced to cancel his/her nomination for serious reasons, he/she is obliged to do so immediately via the form Notification of withdrawal of foreign mobility in UIS, which is then automatically sent to DIRI and the faculty
  • at the same time, the student is obliged to send an apologetic e-mail to the foreign coordinator abroad (with a copy also to the DIRI Erasmus+ Study Stay Coordinator) explaining the reason for canceling his/her stay
  • withdrawing from the nomination may affect the future possibility of inclusion in the program
  • the study period may only be organized on the basis of a trilateral Learning Agreement (“LA”)
  • the student must obtain at least 18 ECTS in specialized subjects (i.e. those related to his/her study programme, compulsory, compulsory-optional, optional); doctoral students work on their doctoral thesis (or according to the faculty requirements)
  • the LA must be signed before the departure to the study stay
  • the LA shall be signed in the following order: student, person in charge at the faculty arranged through the IRO officer, coordinator abroad
  • by the signature of the LA, the person in charge confirms that he/she agrees with the student’s study plan and that the subjects specified in the LA shall be recognized by MENDELU upon arrival, provided they were successfully passed (see below)
  • the MENDELU LA form shall be used; in case the institution abroad has its own form, the student shall fill in both
  • offer of study courses is available on the website of the institution abroad
  • certain institutions send their catalogues to the nominated students by e-mail
  • negotiation of the LA may take several months (especially over the summer); therefore we recommend starting the process sufficiently in advance (ideally together with the application, see above)
  • the LA must be complete (i.e. confirmed both by MENDELU and the receiving institution) before signing the Participant´s Agreement (see below)
  • part of the new form is also its changes (Changes to original LA = During the Mobility part):
  • you do not complete this part before your mobility
  • you can also download the document separately (see bellow)
  • guidelines for completion of LA and faculty requirements can be found on faculty websites

How to fill OLA:

  • confirms the student’s admission to a university/college abroad
  • acceptance may be in the form of a formal letter or an e-mail
  • the acceptance letter shall contain the name of the student, name of receiving institution and dates of the planned study (exact dates from – to, incl. the orientation week, welcome activities etc.)
  • in case the acceptance letter does not contain exact dates of the stay, the student shall also submit the printed schedule of study in the semester
  • after receiving the Letter of Acceptance, the student shall:
    • have the mobility entered into the UIS by the IRO officer of his/her faculty (he/she shall submit the Letter of Acceptance with dates of stay); the icon for bank connection and Checklists shall be displayed in the UIS afterwards
    • enter the number of EURO account into the UIS (via Student´s portal → My study abroad)
      • if the student wants to open a EURO account at KB, a.s., he/she will need the following:
        • ISIC card
        • Letter of Acceptance
        • confirmation of nomination to a university/college abroad – issued by the faculty IRO officer
    • arrange for the Travel Proposal (UIS – eAgenda – Trips abroad), which shall be needed for the insurance
  • on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance, the student will be issued the GA, and the amount of the scholarship will be calculated

  Letter of Acceptance (MENDELU form)

  Travel Proposal – guidelines for completion

  • serves for submitting documents for the study stay abroad (some fields are just for ticking and they indicate if the condition was met or not – for example Bank Account number, EU-Survey, LA and ToR match)
  • the application can be accessed at the UIS Student Portal (after the student has registered the mobility into the UIS on the basis of the Letter of Acceptance – see above)
  • the mandatory documents (i.e. documents that all students must upload into the application) are as follows:
    • before departure
      • Letter of acceptance (approved by the IRO officer for Erasmus+ study stays in the app)
      • Learning agreement / Online Learning Agreement (faculty approves)
      • proof of payment of “MENDELU” insurance (approved by IRO)
      • OLS initial test result (see below; approved by IRO)
    • upon return
      • Confirmation of Erasmus+ study period (approved by IRO)
      • Transcript of Records (approved by faculty)
      • OLS final test result (approved by IRO)
  • other documents are required only in case of extension of study period, changes in LA, etc. (see below)
  • the student uploads completed documents into the app (i.e. with all the signatures etc.)
  • uploaded documents are automatically indicated as unapproved, until they are checked and approved by the person in charge  
  • all the Checklists documents must be approved by the person in charge (DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study periods or faculty IRO officer
  • the student can work on the document until it is approved
  • on-line language testing of students before and after the Erasmus+ mobility
  • language support is provided for the main working language, not language of the country
  • working language is specified in the LA
  • on-line language support:
    • enables mobility participants evaluating their language skills
    • applies to mobilities whose main working language is English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Finnish
    • on the basis of language exam result, the Erasmus+ participant may be allocate a license to participate in an on-line language course (applies also to the local language); if the student accepts, he/she must make use of the course
    • a student who obtains a level <B1 in the OLS entrance test will automatically obtain a license for a language course in the working language
    • more information at 
  • all licenses are allocated to students by the IROofficer for Erasmus+ study stays
  • the student will get an e-mail asking for completion of the test
  • the student shall conclude the Participant´s Agreement with the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays no later than 2 weeks prior to the planned departure
  • the student must make an advance appointment to sign the PA
  • all students will receive information about signing the PA to their e-mail addresses (incl. the way to make an appointment)
  • before signing the PA, the student shall upload the following completed (see above) documents into Checklists:
    • Letter of Acceptance
    • Learning Agreement
    • receipt of MENDELU insurance payment
    • OLS initial test result
  • in case the student has not the bilaterally confirmed Learning Agreement, he/she may appear for signing the PA; however, the scholarship shall be paid only after the LA is completed
  • the PA must be signed in person prior to the departure (contracts may not be sent by mail or signed pursuant to a power of attorney)
  • the student must not depart for the mobility without the duly signed PA and all the required documents
  • scholarship shall be paid to the student after he/she signed the PA
  • he scholarship shall be paid by the home institution no later than on 1st day of the mobility
  • the scholarship shall be transferred to the Euro bank account as registered in the UIS (see above)

Participant´s Agreement template (to be read in advance)

  • students who participate in the study period within the Erasmus+ Programme and are citizens of EU/EEA countries involved in the programme are not obliged to apply for student visa
  • a new regulation has applied in Turkey since July 2014, under which foreign students do not need student visa to arrive in the country; they apply for a permit to stay for the period of study at the foreign police upon arrival (info: Turkish Embassy in Prague, tel.: 224311402/403)
  • in case the student is not a citizen of an EU/EEA country, he/she may be obliged to apply for visa also to other countries than just Turkey; accurate information can be obtained at embassies and consulates

During the stay

  • the LA may be modified upon arrival abroad if necessary
  • the student shall prepare a new study plan, so called Changes to Original Learning Agreement (Changes / Changes to LA = During the Mobility Part of LA), taking into account his/her specialization, and upon potential consultation with the faculty coordinator and on condition of obtaining at least 18 ECTS per semester in specialized subjects
  • guidelines for completion of Changes and faculty requirements can be found on faculty websites
  • the student shall sign the Changes to LA, have them approved first by the faculty coordinator, then by the coordinator abroad
  • the student shall upload the Changes to the UIS Checklists (see above) within 30 days of the start of the semester at the institution abroad
  • the MENDELU form shall be used; in case the institution abroad has its own form, the student shall fill in both

  Changes to original Learning Agreement (MENDELU form)

  • is possible only upon agreement with the sending and receiving institutions
  • the student shall not be awarded funds for the extension automatically; it depends on the sending institution whether it shall grant the scholarship for the extension of the stay
  • extension without entitlement to scholarship (Erasmus+ zero-grant student):
    • the student may apply for the extension at any time during the stay through the Application for Extension
    • the student shall not obtain financial support; however, the status of an Erasmus student and ensuing benefits (e.g. waiver of the tuition fee at the institution abroad etc.) shall remain
  • extension of the stay by an entire semester with financial support (possible only in the WS):
    • the student may apply for the extension through the Application by 30 October of the academic year concerned
    • the student shall have the application confirmed by the partner coordinator and then send it by e-mail to the IRO of the home faculty for approval
    • the approved document shall be referred by the faculty IRO to the Rectorate DIRI for the approval of funding
    • in case there are sufficient funds, the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays shall approve the application and shall inform the student, the partner coordinator, as well as the faculty IRO coordinator
    • the change in the total amount of scholarship must be specified in the Amendment to the GA sent to the student after the delivery of the Transcript of Records for the previous semester (or of the Statutory Declaration on passing the specialized subjects and obtaining 18 ECTS credits) and of the LA (see above) for the next semester
  • extension of the stay with financial support (shorter than one semester):
    • is only possible for reasons related to the study (e.g. longer exam period than expected etc.)
    • the student shall contact the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays with request to extend the mobility no later than 1 month before the originally planned end of the stay
    • other administrative matters shall be discussed between the student and the coordinator on an individual basis

 Application for Extension

         Statutory Declaration on passing specialized subjects

  • it is possible after the agreement of the student with the sending institution and is solved by an addendum to the ÚS and a proportional reduction of the scholarship
  • if the student does not comply with the minimum length of stay, i.e. 2 months (60 days), he must return the entire scholarship

After the stay

  • is a main proof of completion of the study period
  • we recommend getting the Confirmation before departure home
  • the Confirmation must contain the exact dates of stay (scholarship isawarded according to the dates)
  • must be confirmed by the coordinator abroad no earlier than one week before the end of the mobility
  • the student shall submit the ORIGINAL to the IRO within 14 days of the end of mobility
  • a scan of the Confirmation shall be uploaded by the student to Checklists in the UIS
  • in case the length of the stay is shorter or longer in comparison with the period set out in the GA, the accounting of the scholarship must be made and a signature of the Amendment to the GA must be arranged with the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays
  • the student may use the MENDELU form

        Confirmation of Erasmus+ Study Period (MENDELU form)

      Qualification Conditions

  • shall be uploaded into Checklists no later than within 4 weeks of the end of mobility
  • the ToR must correspond to the LA or, as the case may be, to the Changes in the names of subjects and their credit values (eventually in codes if the receiving university uses them)
  • the student may use the MENDELU form

Transcript of Records (MENDELU form)

  • the result of the final OLS language test – to the Checklist application (UIS)
  • PhD students also submit an evaluation of the work during the stay according to the faculty’s requirements (this evaluation is uploaded to the Checklist with the ToR)
  • the student is also obliged to:
    • fill in the Final Report in UIS (Student Portal → My Study Abroad) within 30 calendar days after the end of the mobility – the report mainly serves as a source of information for other students
    • fill in the final report for the EU (EU-Survey) – the student will receive a request to fill it in by e-mail
    • record that all documents have been delivered and are complete

 2/2017 – Directive on recognition of results of study and traineeships abroad within Erasmus+ (in Czech only)

  • in case the student fails to obtain the required 18 credits (minimum) in the specialized subjects, he/she is obliged to return a proportionate part of the scholarship
  • in case the student breached the Qualification Conditions of the Erasmus+ Programme he/she is obliged to return a proportionate part or the entire amount of the scholarship
  • if the student fails to deliver the required documents by the deadline set by the sending institution, fails to take the compulsory on-line language test before and after the mobility and/or fails to fill in the final report (EU-Survey), he/she shall return the financial support in full
  • the amount of the refund shall be specified by the DIRI officer for Erasmus+ study stays

 Qualification Conditions


Erasmus+ outgoing students
Office hours: Mo – Thu 9:00 – 12:00
by appointment only


11.12.2023 – 29.01.2024Collection of applications for students stay and internships for the academic year 2024/2025
12.02. – 23.02.2024Written and oral language tests
06.03.2024Publication of the results


Only for students of the Faculty of Agrisciences

04.12.2023 – 20.12.2023Collection of applications
22.12.2023Publication of the results

More information HERE. Application form HERE.