E+ Credit Mobility differs from the standard E+ program in that it supports exchanges of students and university staff with non-European, so-called partner countries. Mobility is implemented on the basis of successfully approved cooperation projects with selected universities. The specific offer of universities can thus change every year depending on the evaluation of submitted projects.


  • During the teaching stay, the academician must complete teaching in a pre-agreed field through lectures, seminars, practical teaching, or consultations with students.
  • The teaching should be part of the study program at the receiving institution.
  • The minimum scope of teaching is 8 hours per week (5 days), i.e. 1.6 hours per day, in the case of longer stays, the number of days must be multiplied by 1,6.
  • The form of training is not prescribed, it can be:
    • job shadowing
    • staff/international week
    • workshop, etc.
  • The condition is the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, applicable at the home workplace.
  • Attendance at the conference cannot be considered training!
  • The scope of training must be consistent with the established training program and should be sufficient to achieve the training objectives.

Financial Conditions

  • The incoming staff receives two financial packages:
    • accommodation costs – include a package of funds that can be used to pay for accommodation, meals, local transport and travel insurance
    • travel expenses – include a package of funds that can be used to cover the trip to the destination and back
  • The administrative and grant agenda associated with the Erasmus+ program is managed by the Department of International Relations and Internationalization (“DIRI”).
  • Days of teaching or training plus a maximum of 1 day immediately before and 1 day immediately after (travel days) are funded.
  • Incoming staff receives 140 EUR/1-14. day of stay and 98 EUR/15-60 day of stay.
  • The final amount of the contribution is determined on the basis of the Confirmation of Erasmus+ Teaching/Training Mobility, so it is important that the data in the Participation Agreement and in the Confirmation agree.
  • The support includes the cost of accommodation, meals and local transport.
  • It is intended to cover part of the accommodation costs related to the teaching stay/training at MENDELU.
  • The financial support is provided exclusively on days when the participant conducts teaching activities/training.
  • The foreign party must agree on the specific number of teaching/training days in the Mobility Agreement document. Based on this number, DIRI calculates the amount of the grant.
  • The amount confirmed by DIRI represents the grant intended for accommodation costs, which will be paid from the Erasmus+ ICM program.
  • The support includes all costs and all means of transport including local transport used from the starting point to the destination and back.
  • The amount of travel expenses is calculated according to the distance calculator, which is published on the website of the European Commission. The cost of the round trip should fit within the limit determined by the distance from the starting point to the destination city (Brno/Lednice) as calculated by the calculator.
100 – 499 Km180 EUR 
500 – 1999 Km275 EUR 
 2000 – 2999 Km360 EUR 
 3000 – 3999 Km530 EUR 
 4000 – 7999 Km820 EUR 
 8000 Km and more1500 EUR

Mobility Progress

  • The participant must complete the Mobility Agreement for Teaching/Mobility Agreement for Training (MA)
  • The form must be fully completed and approved by all parties:
    • mobility participant – the signature of the participant going on a teaching or training stay
    • sending institution – the signature of the person responsible at the sending institution, send the scan of MA to E+ ICM Coordinator
    • receiving institution – the signature of the E+ ICM Coordinator at MENDELU
  • Travel days are not specified in the Mobility Agreement (MA). The first day of mobility is the first day at the MENDELU and the last day is the last day at the given institution.
  • In the case of a teaching stay, the minimum of teaching hours is 8 hours per 5 days, meaning 1,6 hours for each day of the mobility period.
  • The participant fills in his/her personal data at Grant Agreement for Teaching/Grant Agreement for Training (GA) depending on the type of stay. After filling out the Agreement, the participant shall send it to E+ ICM Coordinator.
  • Travel and health insurance covering the entirety of your stay is needed. Valid insurance is also a precondition for grant payment and has to be sent in advance to E+ ICM Coordinator
  • The participant can book university accommodation, and contact E+ ICM Coordinator if he/she needs assistance. 
  • The participant arranges a meeting on the day of his/her arrival to sign the Participant´s Agreement and receives the first payment of the financial support.  
  • First day of the mobility the participant should come to DIRI at MENDELU Rectorate to sign the Participant´s Agreement.
  • After signing the Participant´s Agreement, the participant will receive the first payment (100% of travel expenses and 70% of individual financial support on the cash office.
  • On the last day of mobility, the participant will bring the Confirmation of Teaching / Training Period and receive the second payment (30% of the individual support).   
  • It is necessary to observe the planned number of unlearned or worked hours.
  • The participant is required to fill out the EU-Survey Final Report in the form of an online questionnaire. After the end of the mobility, the invitation to fill in the online questionnaire will be sent to the e-mail specified in the Participant´s Agreement.
  • If this condition is not met, the employee returns the entire financial support.